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One of the Indie Author organizations I am a member of (or at least have applied for membership in) is The indiePENdents’, a “voice” for self-published authors with a goal of unifying those voices into a single chorus. Founded in 2011 by avid reader and author, Jasha Levi at age 91, one of the functions of The indiePENdents’ is to read and evaluate self-published works to “compile a list of self-published books that we have determined to meet our standards and that we therefore believe are not crap, but are as good as any books published by the major publishing houses.”

As of this writing, only 91 books have been found to meet The indiePENdents’ Standards of Good Writing, and I am both thrilled and humbled to have learned that on June 22, 2015, Finding Faith in Slow Motion was evaluated and found to be the 91st book worthy of The indePENdent’s Quality Seal. This emblem assures potential readers that the book meets high standards in the categories of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. In order to earn this approval, a book must be deemed worthy and voted up by three independent evaluators.

It is worth noting that the literary merit of an evaluated work not a criterion for earning the Quality Seal. The question under consideration by the evaluators is whether or not the work is well written, and whether or not it meets the stringent standards for recognition. I encourage all independent authors to consider membership in this worthy organization, and possibly even volunteer time as an evaluator.

– damon

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– damon

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