Damon J. Gray is a dynamic speaker with passion and purpose, one who grabs your attention and holds it for as long as he is speaking. His vibrant, yet unassuming personality, combined with his transparency and engaging presentation style, allows him to present practical, biblical messages that resonate with audiences in challenging, and often life-changing ways.

Damon is a word-crafter, one who delights in an artfully woven sentence the way a chef delights in a deliciously prepared meal. Damon has served as a keynote speaker for retreats, seminars, conferences, graduation ceremonies, and more, addressing audiences as intimate as a handful, to auditoriums filled with thousands.

    Abridged Venue/Client List

    • Inspire Christian Writers Conference - Mount Hermon, CA
    • Victory Christian Fellowship - Lynden, WA
    • Cornwall Church - Bellingham, WA
    • Teen Sing Over Iowa - Ames, IA
    • Christian Bible Fellowship - Kansas University
    • Christian Student Center - Louisiana Tech University
    • Riverside Campus Outreach - University of Southwest Louisiana


    • Roosevelt Community Church - Bellingham, WA
    • Midwest Collegiate Invitational - Lawrence, KS
    • Campus Advance Northwest - Seattle, WA
    • Ames Youth Rally - Ames, IA
    • Oikos Fellowship - Bellingham, WA
    • Campus Advance Spring Retreat - University of Colorado
    • Lynden Community Church - Lynden, WA
    • Marriage Enrighment Retreat - Mount Vernon, WA
    • Faith Reformed Church - Lynden, WA

    What you can expect from Long-View Living Ministries

    • Timely, courteous, and professional responses to your queries and messages.
    • An initial phone consultation with Damon or a member of the Long-View Living team, well in advance of the event, so Damon can determine how best to serve you and your audience.
    • If your event is open to the public, event announcements on all of Damon's regular social media channels (with your permission).
    • A thoughtfully prepared and dynamically delivered presentation, tailored to the desired outcomes for your event.
    • A brief post-event follow-up contact for evaluation, and continuous improvement purposes.

    Notable Endorsements

    Damon Gray is an excellent speaker whose intelligence, emotional openness, warmth and humor engage his audience in both heart and mind. His lively talks express both profound biblical knowledge and deep understanding of human nature. His teaching is captivating, and his handling of difficult topics is nothing short of brilliant. I would warmly recommend Damon as a speaker to groups of any size.

    Damon Gray speaks not only with depth of knowledge of the Scriptures, but with passion birthed from his love for Jesus. Damon can be vulnerable and mighty at the same time as he brings you into his stories and then shares the hope of Christ. Besides his speaking ability, Damon is a listener and a learner, coming to your group not just to bring a message but to also serve his audience.

    Damon Gray is a dynamic and effective speaker. He adapts to and connects with his audience and will reward every confidence placed in him.

    I have had the pleasure of hearing Damon speaking numerous times. His blend of biblical fervor and candor is both refreshing and inspiring! You would be blessed to have this amazing man of God address your group!

    Damon Gray is a speaker who penetrates right to the heart of his audience. His vulnerability and passion for God are inspiring, allowing his audience to take God at His word. He has such a relatable way of teaching - the Word comes alive and becomes applicable to the lives of each soul present. It is rare to find speakers who are able to share with the level of vulnerability and wisdom found in Damon Gray. He is a gift, and he has a gift. I highly recommend him without any reservations.

    Damon will give you a fresh, challenging, and honest perspective on any topic, lest you casually believe you understand.

    Pursue Jesus, Practice Love is the mission of this church and Damon Gray embodies this mission in his writing and speaking. He speaks with a blend of no-nonsense, organic, real-life word pictures and interweaves his own life challenges and experiences with the authority of what God's word has to say. If you want to hear the latest psycho-babble, then Damon isn't your choice. But if you want to be challenged and motivated to live an overcoming and courageous life, then you will want to hear what he has on his heart.

    Short video lessons

    Four Godly Living Principles

    4 Godly Living Principles 1 - Who is Peter

    1 - Who is Peter?

    4 Godly Living Principles 2 - Honor All People

    2 - Honor All People

    4 Godly Living Principles 3 - Love the Brotherhood

    3 - Love the Brotherhood

    4 Godly Living Principles 4 - Fear God

    4 - Fear God

    4 Godly Living Principles 5 - Honor the King

    5 - Honor the King

    4 Godly Living Principles 6 - Summary

    6 - Summary

    Not Your Battle

    Not Your Battle 1 - Joshua & Caleb

    1 - Joshua & Caleb

    Not Your Battle 2 - David

    2 - David

    Not Your Battle 3 - Jonathan

    3 - Jonathan

    Not Your Battle 4 - Gideon

    4 - Gideon

    Not Your Battle 5 - Ezra & Nehemiah

    5 - Ezra & Nehemiah

    Recent Sermons & Keynotes

    Coming Before God - Three Vignettes - 04/22/2024. Looking at three approaches to God from Luke 18:1-17

    NOTE: No sound till 3:00mins. All you miss is me complaining about my cat.

    The Steward - 03/03/2024. An examination of the bizarre parable Jesus told in Luke 16:1-13.

    Seeking the Right Things
    10/15/2023 (Sorry for the buzz. Seems to be a grounding issue in the soundboard.)

    Jesus When the Heat is Building

    Who Do You Say I Am?

    A Message From a Wild Man!

    The Unpopular Sermon

    Good News, and Bad News, and More Good News

    Conquering Our Fears


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    A COVID Word of Encouragement

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    WHAT Audience Members are saying

    "Thank you for hearing God and sharing it with us."

    "You are obviously a deep thinker and consider how the things you think about apply to you personally."

    "That's the best sermon I've ever heard, man."

    "I love your heart and your transparency, and so does our Lord!"

    "Wow! There is no chance of falling asleep when you are speaking."

    "The Holy Spirit's presence within you radiates through you."

    "I have never heard that story (John 9) used the way you used it. Well done, brother. Very well done."

    "You should quit your day job and teach!"

    "I needed a word from God and he knew it. God gave it to you and you faithfully shared it with us. Thank you."

    "You bring the Word to life through your passion for teaching and your love of God."

    "Damon, 🙂 you are like sunshine personified."