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In Christ Study

Decades ago, I began noticing the repeated phrase “in Christ” in scripture. Each time, I noted the scripture reference and wrote a brief description of what it means to be in Christ based on that verse or passage.

Download the FREE "In-Christ" study.

Bible Study Basics

Too many choose not to read or study their Bible because they are frustrated from prior efforts and have become intimidated. Don't! You CAN read and understand your Bible

Download the FREE "Bible Study Basics" eBooklet.

Women Be Silent?

Did the apostle Paul teach the church at Corinth that women need to be silent while in church and that it is shameful for their voices to be heard?

Download the FREE deep-dive examination of what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:34-38

Jesus' Miracles

We have thirty-seven miracles of Jesus  (or as John calls them, "signs") recorded in the four gospels prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus. See them in parallel in this list/grid, laid out for easy study and comparison.

Download the FREE "Miracles of Jesus" study list.

Divorce, Jesus & Paul

If you have suffered a divorce as a Christ-follower and feel marked by the church with a "Scarlet D," please get some peace with your situation.

Download this free study, "No Scarlet D - What Jesus and Paul really said about divorce."

Long-view Living in a Short-view World

Everything we do as Christ follows must be done with eternity in view. From that broad baseline, Damon will begin prayerful study and preparation of a presentation designed specifically to help achieve your goals for the event.

See if Damon can speak at your next event today!

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    Four Inspiring Examples of God Bringing Good Out of Evil

    By Damon J. Gray | June 21, 2017

    When I was very young, my mother gave me my first Bible. It was a small, white, leather-bound King James Bible. Given my youth, and…

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    © 2017 Frank McKenna. All Rights Reserved. Unsplash. Used by permission.

    You Can Walk Confidently Through Life

    By Damon J. Gray | June 14, 2017

    If you have spent any time at all in these blog postings, you know that Alean and I have a cat, though we often refer…

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    What Walking in Jesus’ Steps Entails

    By Damon J. Gray | June 7, 2017

    In 1896, Charles Monroe Sheldon, pastor of Central Congregational Church in Topeka, Kansas, began a story-telling series as part of his Sunday evening services. The…

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    Five Reasons Your Role in the Body of Christ is Important

    By Damon J. Gray | May 31, 2017

    Every spring, for the past six years, I have watched the farmer plow his field. Our home is built on the northern-most street in our…

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    Photo by Damon J. Gray

    Six Reasons Sin Really is a Big Deal

    By Damon J. Gray | May 24, 2017

    This past weekend, I was honored to be able to speak at Victory Christian Fellowship in Lynden, Washington. The topic was assigned, as I was…

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    © 2017 Martin Sattler. All Rights Reserved. unsplash. Used by permission.

    God Will Give You Exactly What You Want

    By Damon J. Gray | May 17, 2017

    What if I told you that God will give us exactly what we want – I mean what we really, really want? Would you believe…

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    Life After Tragedy Can Be Even Better – Here’s How

    By Damon J. Gray | May 12, 2017

    Today, we are honored to have a guest post from my friend, my sister in Christ, speaker and blogger, Sheila Qualls. She blogs at Sheila Qualls…

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    Mister Bear, giving me "the look."

    There Is No ‘Someday’

    By Damon J. Gray | May 10, 2017

    This morning, Mister Bear (my cat) was sitting regally by the back door, gazing out the window at his ditch – his kingdom. When he…

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    © 2017 Frank Okay. All Rights Reserved. Unsplash. Used by permission.

    Red is the New Green

    By Damon J. Gray | May 3, 2017

    I was reading Psalm 43 this morning. It is a brief, five-verse psalm, and in the middle, verse three says this: “Send out your light…

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