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In Christ Study

Decades ago, I began noticing the repeated phrase “in Christ” in scripture. Each time, I noted the scripture reference and wrote a brief description of what it means to be in Christ based on that verse or passage.

Download the FREE "In-Christ" study.

Bible Study Basics

Too many choose not to read or study their Bible because they are frustrated from prior efforts and have become intimidated. Don't! You CAN read and understand your Bible

Download the FREE "Bible Study Basics" eBooklet.

Women Be Silent?

Did the apostle Paul teach the church at Corinth that women need to be silent while in church and that it is shameful for their voices to be heard?

Download the FREE deep-dive examination of what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:34-38

Jesus' Miracles

We have thirty-seven miracles of Jesus  (or as John calls them, "signs") recorded in the four gospels prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus. See them in parallel in this list/grid, laid out for easy study and comparison.

Download the FREE "Miracles of Jesus" study list.

Divorce, Jesus & Paul

If you have suffered a divorce as a Christ-follower and feel marked by the church with a "Scarlet D," please get some peace with your situation.

Download this free study, "No Scarlet D - What Jesus and Paul really said about divorce."

Long-view Living in a Short-view World

Everything we do as Christ follows must be done with eternity in view. From that broad baseline, Damon will begin prayerful study and preparation of a presentation designed specifically to help achieve your goals for the event.

See if Damon can speak at your next event today!

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    The Three Signs of Christmas

    By Damon J. Gray | December 19, 2018

    One of the better known verses in the New Testament is John 20:31. In this verse, John explains precisely why he chose to include the specific signs of…

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    Why Jesus is the Most Disturbing Baby Ever Born

    By Damon J. Gray | December 12, 2018

    I recently addressed a gathering of believers, explaining to them Paul’s use of the terms, “spiritual,” “carnal,” and “natural” when discussing the human condition. In…

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    Prince of Peace, Not as the World Gives

    By Damon J. Gray | December 5, 2018

    I have almost completed reading a book that is mildly getting under my skin. It is well written, and the author does argue his case…

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    © 2018 Anthony Tran. All Rights Reserved. Unsplash Used by permission.

    Trading Holiday Stress for Holiday Peace

    By Damon J. Gray | November 28, 2018

    I find it fascinating to watch people from the time the Thanksgiving meal is cleaned up to the time we usher in a new year.…

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    © 2018 Gabrielle Cole. All Rights Reserved. Unsplash Used by permission.

    Displacing Entitlement with Gratitude

    By Damon J. Gray | November 21, 2018

    Former law student Anna Alaburda of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California, sued the school because, though she successfully graduated in the…

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    The God Who Never Doesn’t Not Abandon Us

    By Damon J. Gray | November 14, 2018

    “Irregardless.” Ugh! It’s not even a word. And if it were, it would mean the exact opposite of what those who use it intend that…

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    God Doesn’t Need a hearing Aid

    By Damon J. Gray | November 7, 2018

    I started wearing hearing aids about six weeks ago, a move I resisted for the longest time. Hearing aids make me feel old and feeble…

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    Sebastien - a.k.a. "Stinker"

    Christ-Follower, You are NOT Guilty and NOT Condemned

    By Damon J. Gray | October 31, 2018

    We have a new kitten in our home. I named him Sebastien, but we are thinking his real name should be “Stinker,” because he is…

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    Why I Do Not Believe Life Begins at Conception

    By Damon J. Gray | October 24, 2018

    I am very deliberate about keeping political commentary far from my weekly blog postings. People have strong opinions about issues of faith, and often, even…

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