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In Christ Study

Decades ago, I began noticing the repeated phrase “in Christ” in scripture. Each time, I noted the scripture reference and wrote a brief description of what it means to be in Christ based on that verse or passage.

Download the FREE "In-Christ" study.

Bible Study Basics

Too many choose not to read or study their Bible because they are frustrated from prior efforts and have become intimidated. Don't! You CAN read and understand your Bible

Download the FREE "Bible Study Basics" eBooklet.

Women Be Silent?

Did the apostle Paul teach the church at Corinth that women need to be silent while in church and that it is shameful for their voices to be heard?

Download the FREE deep-dive examination of what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:34-38

Jesus' Miracles

We have thirty-seven miracles of Jesus  (or as John calls them, "signs") recorded in the four gospels prior to the death and resurrection of Jesus. See them in parallel in this list/grid, laid out for easy study and comparison.

Download the FREE "Miracles of Jesus" study list.

Divorce, Jesus & Paul

If you have suffered a divorce as a Christ-follower and feel marked by the church with a "Scarlet D," please get some peace with your situation.

Download this free study, "No Scarlet D - What Jesus and Paul really said about divorce."

Long-view Living in a Short-view World

Everything we do as Christ follows must be done with eternity in view. From that broad baseline, Damon will begin prayerful study and preparation of a presentation designed specifically to help achieve your goals for the event.

See if Damon can speak at your next event today!

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    Hindered Prayers

    By Damon J. Gray | March 18, 2024

    “Text out of context is pretext,” our instructor said with resounding forcefulness. He was right, of course, and much misinterpretation of scripture has resulted from…

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    By Damon J. Gray | March 11, 2024

    I was once asked if I believed in the power of prayer. “No,” I answered. “I do not. But I believe unswervingly in the power…

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    Be Holy

    By Damon J. Gray | March 4, 2024

    Where scripture is concerned, saying it one time is sufficient, but when we are instructed repeatedly1 to engage the same behavior, we can safely reference that…

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    If I Perish, I Perish

    By Damon J. Gray | February 26, 2024

    I’m not afraid of dying. I fear pain, but not death. Indeed, the older I grow, the more I understand the apostle Paul’s statement that…

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    Two Key Descriptors of a Christ-Follower

    By Damon J. Gray | February 19, 2024

    One of the more profound texts in the New Testament is found in 1 Corinthians 6:11 – “And such were some of you…” Or do you not…

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    What Is God’s Will for Me?

    By Damon J. Gray | February 12, 2024

    I cannot count the times I have been told something along the lines of, “I just want to know God’s will for my life.” The…

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    By Damon J. Gray | February 5, 2024

    Do you reread books? If so, is it because the book was so good you needed to read it again? Or, perhaps it is because…

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    Fellowship – It’s More Than Just a Meal

    By Damon J. Gray | January 29, 2024

    As I write this, I’m working on a manuscript chapter on being devoted to the fellowship, one of four basic devotions we read about in…

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    God of All Creation – God of Me

    By Damon J. Gray | January 22, 2024

    I am persuaded that God is more involved in the creation than we are aware of. We are often aware of God’s involvement in our…

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