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Speaking FAQs

Got a Question about Speaking engagements ?

The Most Common Questions are Answered Below:

Damon can speak at conferences/seminars, weekend retreats, pastors' retreats, men's events, and more - any event with a group that wants to dig into the Word. Damon is comfortable with group sizes numbering in the single digits, to those numbering in the thousands.

Somewhat, but nothing extraordinary. Damon can do presentations in a classroom/retreat setting, or in an auditorium. Things that it will be helpful for the Event Planner to consider include:


Damon is fairly mobile and active as he presents. If the auditorium is large (non-classroom setting) Damon prefers a wireless, non-handheld microphone with fresh batteries. Damon does not have a preference between a clip-on or over-the-ear microphone (though experience has shown that over-the-ear is less prone to feedback). A seperate microphone for the emcee is recommended. Since Damon moves around as he presents, he prefers to use a music-stand style podium for notes, rather than a large, stationary pulpit.


If a projection system is available, Damon can incorporate slides (PowerPoint) and/or media into the presentation. This is helpful, but not critical. If the setting is more classroom or retreat oriented, Damon often likes to make use of a whiteboard.


If the auditorium is more theatrically oriented, Damon prefers a stage that is well-lit by a general lighting wash, and the house lights up just enough that he can see and interact with the attendees.


Everything Damon teaches will come from the biblical text. If attendees have a Bible with them, it will be much more meaningful for them, and easier to follow the teaching. It is advisable to have Bibles to hand out for those who do not have one with them.

Yes, if they are in the Pacific Northwest, within a drivable distance. This is considerably more difficult with Damon's full-time work and family time, but if the logistics can be worked out, Damon is open to mid-week events.

The more presentations an event has, the more time is required to prepare. Damon likes his schedule to be established three to six months in advance. For close-to-home, single address events (e.g. a one-time Keynote), a shorter schedule can sometimes be accommodated.

This happens from time to time. In such a case, enter "Unknown" in the date text field, and then use the Other Considerations text box to present some options when making your initial inquiry. Damon will discuss with you which dates work best for him.

Begin by filling out the Request a Booking form. If Damon is able to accommodate your request, he will contact you to discuss your specific needs. If both parties wish to finalize the booking, Damon's office will send you an agreement form to sign and return.

Damon flies from Bellingham International Airport (BLI). If the engagement is in Canada, he flies from Abbotsbord, BC (YXX).

This is strongly discouraged. While Damon has found gracious hosts over the years, his preference is to stay in a hotel. Doing so allows him the freedom to study, pray, and prepare for the event, to rest, and to move about freely without the worry of disturbing a host family.

Simply fill out the Request a Booking form, or use the Contact Us page, and Damon's office will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can send in your question from our Contact Us page.

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