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Damon Contributes to 2018 Inspire Anthology - Inspire Kindness

Damon is a contributing author to the 2018 Inspire Christian Writers Anthology, Inspire Kindness, which launched on 12/15/2018. Multiple Inspire member authors contributed chapters to the anthology. Damon contributed a chapter titled, "Small Kindnesses from Unexpected Places."

You can purchase a copy of the anthology here.


Damon Speaking at Victory Christian Fellowship

Damon will be speaking Sunday morning at Victory Christian Fellowship in Lynden, WA at 10:00AM. He will be speaking on Galatians 6:1, focusing specifically on the phrase, "Ye which are spiritual." Who is this "spiritual" person? Who is it not? Why are they being singled out? What is the difference between spiritual and non-spiritual?


Long-View Living Moves to New Site Host

Seeking performance improvements and the alleviation of frustrations with email, after almost two decades of hosting with GoDaddy, the Long-View Living website has made a move away from GoDaddy to WinHost. While the move is still in progress, to date, the improvements are most promising. The most noticable improvement is in overall site performance. The page-load times have seen a marked reduction, some of them loading almost instantaneously where previously it could take five to ten seconds to load.

The other improvement, noted almost immediately is the response time from the WinHost support staff.

Work and improvements will continue, but as always, if you note something that is not working properly, or that seems out of sorts, please hit the Contact tab above and let us know.

Victoriously in Christ! - Long-View Living Staff


Damon Attended WCCW LIT Masterclass

Have you ever had one of those experiences about which you are bursting from within to let others know? LIT was like that for me.

LIT Masterclass was a carefully-crafted, experimental, instructional experience, hosted by West Coast Christian Writers, and aimed at intermediate-to-advanced writers. The one-day, immersive conference consisted of full-group keynotes, fiction & non-fiction breakout sessions, and even smaller fiction/non-fiction group classroom instruction, led by highly-skilled instructors.

I want to thank the board of West Coast Christian Writers, and the many volunteers, for their hard work in putting together the first LIT Masterclass, and for doing everything imaginable to make the attendees feel welcome and comfortable. The masterclass was a bit overwhelming, but was a huge success, and a blessing to all who attended. And, of course, we came home with excellent swag!

I also want to encourage, and even exhort, every Christian writer to investigate the offerings of Inspire Christian Writers and West Coast Christian Writers. (WCCW is the conference arm of Inspire Christian Writers.) Take advantage of the excellent instructional and critique-group opportunities offered by both Inspire, and WCCW. We are blessed to have so many talented, experienced, and generous instructors leading these organizations. It is detrimental to our own progress as writers to neglect the opportunity to sit at the feet of such gifted teachers.


Damon Elected to Inspire Christian Writers Board of Directors

Effective November 28, 2017, Damon is joining the Board of Directors for Inspire Christian Writers as the Director of Communications. "I'm a bit overwhelmed emotionally," Damon said, "and deeply honored. I hope and pray I can live up to the enormity of this task. The work Inspire does is important to the kingdom." As Director of Communications, Damon will oversee all internal and external communication for Inspire, facilitating the flow of communication among the group's membership, as well as from Inspire Christian Writers to the larger community, promoting the values, activities and Inspire brand to the public.

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Help Wanted! Underlying Technology completely Updated

On November 11, 2017, we rolled out a complete rebuild of the Long-View Living website. While the appearance has changed very little, the underlying technology has been ripped out and completely replaced. While we tried to be diligent with the testing prior to going live with the new site, it is entirely possible (if not likely) that we missed something. If you encounter errors on the site, or find expected functionality that is not "functioning," please use the contact page to let us know. If there are specific error messages, it would be helpful to include them. Thank you SO much!

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This WebSite is now Encrypted for Secure Browsing

As of September 15, this website is encrypted for browser security. What this means for you, as a site user, is that all data that passes between your computer and ours is securely encrypted. You will likely notice something like a small padlock, or possibly the word "Secure" at the top of your browser window. If your browser shows the entire web address, you will also note that the address is prepended with the protocol "https" rather than the unsecured "http." This update requires nothing on your part. If you connect to the unsecured address, the site will automatically redirect you to the secure site.

05/21/2017 & 07/02/2017

Damon to speak at Victory Christian Fellowship in May and July

Damon will be speaking May 21st and again on July 2nd at Victory Christian Fellowship in Lynden, WA, at 10:00 AM. All are welcome to attend.


Damon to attend ((Leverage)) the Speaker Conference

March 12-15, Damon will be attending Leverage: The Speaker Conference, in Prescott, Arizona. Founded by best-selling author and national speaker, Kathi Lipp, the Leverage conference features a panel of industry experts who will provide personalized feedback and mentoring in a small-group setting.

The distinguished panel of trainers and mentors for Leverage 2017 includes Kathi Lipp, Michele Cushatt, Rachelle Gardner, Cheri Gregory, Roger Lipp, and Mary Snyder


Damon and Alean Assist With Construction of the Cemetary of the Unborn

Tomorrow is Sanctity of Life Sunday, an annual event that, this year, marks the 44th aniversary of two of the most horrifying Supreme Court decisions in United States history - Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton - decisions that have legalized the life termination of nearly 60 million unborn children, each sacrificed on the Altar of Choice beginning in 1973.

To prepare for the day, Damon and Alean worked with about 50 beautiful, loving people to help build the Cemetery of the Unborn. Both were deeply, emotionally impacted and honored to be a part of this event. The crew hammered in approximately 3,400 crosses, one for each child that will be slaughtered every day in the United States over the coming year.

With the cemetary complete, Damon surveyed the work and though he found it a beautiful memorial, he commented that it made him want to vomit, each cross representing a baby that he knew would be condemned to die that day. "As we were pounding grave markers into the ground, women across the country were marching to protest/demand their right to continue this barbaric practice."


Damon to attend The West Coast Christian Writers Conference

February 17-18, Damon will be attending the West Coast Christian Writers Conference in Pleasanton, California. This year's keynotes include Michele Cushatt, and Tosca Lee.

Formerly known as the Christian Writers Seminar, founded in 1993 by Pastor Jon Drury, the WCCW aims to equip and encourage writers at all levels in their craft and business of writing for publicaton, through an annual conference offering quality instruction, industry update information, community, and personal inspiraton. The WCCW is an affiliate of Inspire Christian Writers, of which Damon is also a member.


Finding Faith in Slow Motion Awarded indiePENdents' Seal of Good Writing

One of the Indie Author organizations of which Damon is a member is The indiePENdents', a "voice for self-published authors with a goal of unifying those voices into a single chorus." Founded in 2011 by avid reader and author, Jasha Levi at age 91, one of the functions of The indiePENdents' is to read and evaluate self-published works to "compile a list of self-published books that we have determined to meet our standards and that we therefore believe are not crap, but are as good as any books published by the major publishing houses."

As of this writing, only 91 books have been found to meet The indiePENdents' Standards of Good Writing, and Damon is both thrilled and humbled to have learned that on June 22, 2015, Finding Faith in Slow Motion was evaluated and found to be the 91st book worthy of The indePENdents' Quality Seal. This emblem assures potential readers that the book meets high standards in the categories of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. In order to earn this approval, a book must be evaluated, deemed worthy, and voted up by three independent evaluators.

It is worth noting that the literary merit of an evaluated work not a criterion for earning the Quality Seal. The question under consideration by the evaluators is whether or not the work is well written, and whether or not it meets the stringent standards for recognition. Damon encourages all independent authors to consider membership in this worthy organization, and possibly even to volunteer time as an evaluator.


Finding Faith in Slow Motion released

Faith is neither static nor instantaneous. It is not something we stumble upon and instantly understand. Neither is it a monolithic, one-dimensional, singular entity that has but one face, one color, one fragrance. It is many-faceted, multi-dimensional, and appears differently depending on one's angle to the Son.

In Finding Faith in Slow Motion, Gray examines faith from myriad angles and through gut-wrenching life experiences, as he asks regarding faith, "What is that stuff?" Spanning the emotional gamut from laughter to tears, Gray challenges us to define our faith and redefine it, to look at it from a multitude of perspectives and define it again. The writing is intentionally evocative and playful, offering the reader the ability to identify with Gray as he wrestles with the weighty subject matter of finding faith.

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