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These folks give Damon a hearty Thumbs-up !
Damon Gray is an excellent speaker whose intelligence, emotional openness, warmth and humor engage his audience in both heart and mind. His lively talks express both profound biblical knowledge and deep understanding of human nature. His teaching is captivating, and his handling of difficult topics is nothing short of brilliant. I would warmly recommend Damon as a speaker to groups of any size.

Rachelle Gardner

Literary Agent – Books & Such Literary Agency, Colorado Springs, CO
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Damon Gray speaks not only with depth of knowledge of the Scriptures, but with passion birthed from his love for Jesus. Damon can be vulnerable and mighty at the same time as he brings you into his stories and then shares the hope of Christ. Besides his speaking ability, Damon is a listener and a learner, coming to your group not just to bring a message but to also serve his audience.

Emily Nelson

Speaker, Emcee, Humorist, Writer, and Church Planter
Board of Directors at The Freedom Story & Shepherd's Gate, San Francisco, CA
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Damon Gray is a speaker who penetrates right to the heart of his audience. His vulnerability and passion for God are inspiring, allowing his audience to take God at His word. He has such a relatable way of teaching - the Word comes alive and becomes applicable to the lives of each soul present. It is rare to find speakers who are able to share with the level of vulnerability and wisdom found in Damon Gray. He is a gift, and he has a gift. I highly recommend him without any reservations.

April Chapman

Speaker and Writer - Marketing Manager at EVOC Excellence, Phoenix, AZ
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Damon will give you a fresh, challenging, and honest perspective on any topic, lest you casually believe you understand.

John Meenk

Attorney – Washington State Bar
Elder - Victory Christian Fellowship, Lynden, WA
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I have had the pleasure of hearing Damon speaking numerous times. His blend of biblical fervor and candor is both refreshing and inspiring! You would be blessed to have this amazing man of God address your group!

Amberly Neese

Humorist, Author, and Speaker - Mouthpeace Ministries, Prescott, AZ
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Pursue Jesus, Practice Love is the mission of this church and Damon Gray embodies this mission in his writing and speaking. He speaks with a blend of no-nonsense, organic, real-life word pictures and interweaves his own life challenges and experiences with the authority of what God's word has to say. If you want to hear the latest psycho-babble, then Damon isn't your choice. But if you want to be challenged and motivated to live an overcoming and courageous life, then you will want to hear what he has on his heart.

Jim Visbeek

MACS – Lead Pastor - Victory Christian Fellowship, Lynden, WA
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